Judith Clark Barban

WRITER of romantic adventure novels set in the Canadian wilderness

MEDIEVALIST specializing in the works of Marie de France

LINGUIST fluent in French, Spanish, Italian

CLASSICAL PIANIST who concertizes and composes church music

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Judith's novel POPLAR RIVER won the Southeastern Writers Association's "You Are Published" Contest for which the prize was publication. Since then, two more books have come out: "Meredith's Wolf," another in the Poplar River series, and "Crown Jewels," a collection of poems illustrated by Rosemary Gray. All my books are available on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and most online book venues, as well as independent bookstores.

Judith Barban, musician, author, translator. She is a popular speaker at book clubs, women's clubs, university writing classes, and various civic organizations. Contect her through this website.