About The Life of Saint Audrey

The Life of Saint Audrey (Vie Seinte Audree) is a fine example of a hagiographical romance--a saint's life that borrows many characteristics from medieval secular romance tales. Recent scholarship, thoroughly discussed in this book's introduction, suggests that the Vie Seinte Audree is a fourth text by Marie de France, to whom the Fables, the Lais, and the Espurgatoire Seint Patriz have been attributed. The Vie Seinte Audree is published for the first time in English, along with the Old French text

The editors/translators of this new edition provide helpful material on the life of the historical Saint Audrey (Etheldreda) and her world. They also discuss women's writing in Anglo-Normand England as well as the subject of spiritual marriage.

Both authors are award-winning writers who have distinguished themselves in the scholarly and creative writing fields.

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