About Crown Jewels

"A royal collection of luminous verse"

Judith Barban brings together this collection of poetic gemstones that sparkle with wit, pathos, candor and artful ingenuity. Included are numerous award-winning poems. The title poem "Crowns" opens the collection and captures the reader. Illustrations by Rosemary Gray add to the enjoyment. To hear Judith read from her work in person is a special delight that gives insight into the hidden depths of the verses.The volume contains the following divisions:

     I.   Antique Jewelry: Remembrance of things past

     II.  Family Jewels: Ties that bind the heart

     III. Uncut Gemstones: The natural world

     IV. Imperfect Stones: Fake, flawed and fractured

     V.  Costume Jewelry: Play is the thing

     VI. Crowns of Glory: "The Lord their God will save them on that

           day. They will sparkle like jewels in a crown."

           Zechariah 9:16

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