About Poplar River

When Karen Kingsley, a pianist from a small town in South Carolina, marries Steve, a college English professor, she receives an unusual wedding gift from her husband's cousin: a honeymoon at a remote fishing outpost on Poplar River in northern Manitoba, Canada. Even before the floatplane bringing the couple to the wilderness lands on the river, Karen's life begins to take an uncanny direction, Returning to the same outpost each year, she discovers more than the beauty of nature and the art of fishing. She experiences a mystical attraction to different animals of the wild--and that attraction is mutual!

Romance, breathtaking adventure, and great fishing in a wilderness setting. Readers will share Karen's and Steve's triumphs and tragedies and be surprised by the course of fate.

Another review:

 Poplar River is a romantic wilderness adventure novel set at a remote fishing outpost in northern Manitoba, Canada, where Karen Kingsley and her husband spend an unusual honeymoon. While learning the art of fishing, Karen, a concert pianist, responds deeply to the beauty of pristine nature. Returning year after year to the same outpost on Poplar River, her love of the natural world and knowledge of fishing grow. She develops a mystical attachment to certain animals of the wild—and that attraction is mutual! Each year a week in the wilderness is seen from Karen’s perspective then from the viewpoint of a significant animal: a bald eagle, a beaver, a moose, a mouse, a bear, and a loon. One year Karen’s wilderness path crosses that of an Ojibwe aboriginal who relates his own story. Some of the adventures are spine-chilling, others amusing. Readers will gasp, laugh, and cry as they live through ten years of Karen’s—and the animals’—triumphs and tragedies.

Drawing on Native American culture and traditional Christian morality, the novel demonstrates the value and healing power of nature, music, and the Creator of both.

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