About Meredith’s Wolf

When Meredith Marsten’s floatplane loses power in a storm, the 16-year-old Canadian bush pilot is forced to land on an unknown lake isolated in the wilderness of northern Manitoba, Canada.  Realizing that the lake is the very one where she and her step-father had released her now-grown wolf pup back into the wild, Meredith embarks on a quest to reunite with her beloved “Wolfie.” Thus she begins a suspenseful journey through the pristine boreal forest, a journey full of encounters with the drama of nature, animals, humans, and her own surprising destiny.

The novel will be of interest to all animal lovers, nature lovers and adventure lovers. There is a strong element of romance, an innocent romance that develops in the midst of danger, in the midst of the Canadian wilderness.  Readers have praised the writing style, the well-defined characters—both major and minor.  One reader commented, “I couldn’t put the book down. The story is engrossing and the character development amazing.  I can’t wait for another of your wonderful wilderness adventure tales!”

 Another review:

A teenager treks through the Canadian outback and finds herself stepping into adulthood.
Judith Barban beautifully blends wilderness adventure with first love. It is a breathtaking journey you will never forget.

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